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The Global Business Roundtable

Jackson's off-the-record speaker series with leading global thinkers.

Founded in 2008, the Global Business Roundtable (GBR) provides global economic, political, security, and society briefings with GBR members. GBR meetings are off-the-record.  Laurent Roux, Founder and CEO of Gallatin Wealth Management, serves as GBR Chair.  


The GBR is a membership organization.  If you are based in the Jackson area and interested in joining, please contact Nathan Wendt: nathan.wendt at


Speakers - 2020

Philip Winder

January 2020 B. Philip Winder CEO Polygon Investment Management A Lion in the Path


January 2020 Bill Parker President and CEO EastWest Institute U.S. National Security in a Complex World

David Siminoff

February 2020 David Siminoff Silicon Valley Investor How Silicon Valley Works

Richard Holwill

April 2020 Amb. Richard Holwill Former U.S. Ambassador to Ecuador Reforming the WTO

alex friedman

April 2020 Alex Friedman Co-Founder Jackson Hole Economics What COVID-19 is Doing to the Economy and Markets, and Where We Go From Here


April 2020 Larry Hatheway Co-Founder Jackson Hole Economics What COVID-19 is Doing to the Economy and Markets, and Where We Go From Here

ian mccallum

April 2020 Dr. Ian McCallum A Psychology of Hope – The Power of Pulling Together


June 2020 Hon. Gary Grappo Former U.S. Ambassador to Oman Topic TBD


June 2020 Myron Brilliant Executive Vice President and Head of International Affairs, U.S. Chamber of Commerce Topic TBD


May 2020 Will Sarni Founder Water Foundry Former Partner, Deloitte The Future of Water: Creating Resiliency and Abundance

Stephen Heintz

October 2020 Stephen Heintz President, Rockefeller Brothers Fund Topic TBD

Speakers - 2019

Perkowski 2

January 2019 Jack Perkowski Founder and Managing Partner JFP Holdings, Ltd. China: The Trade War and The Road Ahead

Joel Moxley

March 2019 Joel Moxley Founder Moxley Holdings Global Mega Trends and Venture Capital


March 2019 Kawa Hassan Vice President EastWest Institute Track 2 Dialogues in Iraq

Lukas Haynes

March 2019 Lukas Haynes Executive Director The David Rockefeller Fund The Urgent Need for Bipartisanship on Climate Change

Dennis Ellis

April 2019 Dennis Ellis Microsoft TechSpark Manager Building Wyoming's Tech Future


May 2019 Heather A. Nickerson Executive Vice President Red Five Security Family Security


July 2019 Steve Albrecht General Counsel Barclays BREXIT

Mike Smerklo

August 2019 Mike Smerklo Co Founder and Managing Director Next Coast Ventures The Other Sheet (Sh*T) - the Mental Part of Entrepreneurship


August 2019 Thomas Sterner Founder Environment for Development A Climate-smart Energy Policy for the Anthropocene


September 2019 John LaForge Head of Real Asset Strategy Wells Fargo Real Asset Strategy


October 2019 Dr. Bernard Gersh Professor of Medicine at Mayo Clinic College of Medicine Global Health in the Developing World; Disparities in the U.S.

_Doug Brigham 1

October 2019 Doug Brigham Co-President College of Idaho International Education

_Jim Everett 1

October 2019 Jim Everett Co-President College of Idaho International Education

Stina Brock

November 2019 Stina Brock SVP, North America Electron The Future Applications of Blockchain

Jeff Vincent

November 2019 Jeff Vincent Clarence F. Korstian Professor of Forest Economics and Management Duke University Restoring Global Forests, in a World with Too Much Wood and Too Few Carbon Markets


December 2019 Tang Jian Counsellor Bilateral Relations Embassy of the People's Republic of China, Washington, D.C. U.S.-China Relations


December 2019 Pan Jiang Counsellor Economics Embassy of the People's Republic of China, Washington, D.C. U.S.-China Relations

Speakers - 2018

January 2018 Michael Sonnenfeldt Founder Tiger 21 Think Bigger: And 39 Other Winning Strategies from Successful Entrepreneurs

March 2018 Raymond Karam Senior Director Arab Gulf States Institute in Washington After ISIS: Competing Visions for a Middle East in Transition.

April 2018 Douglas Hunter CEO Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems The UAMPS’ Carbon Free Power Project

May 2018 Ken Lay Senior Managing Director The Rock Creek Group Are We Valuing "Natural Capital"?

June 2018 Bart Victor Cal Turner Professor of Moral Leadership Vanderbilt University To Alleviate Poverty; Is It Ever Better to Lend Than to Give?

July 2018 Max Markusen Associate Director, Transnational Threats Project, Center for Strategic and International Studies & Climate and Security Fellow, Jackson Hole Center for Global Affairs Past, Present, and Future of Syria: Mapping the Underlying Challenges

August 2018 Erik Davidson Wealth Management Chief Investment Officer Wells Fargo: Global Economy Outlook

August 2018 Yun Sun Director, China Program, Stimson Center China’s Maritime Silk Road: The Geopolitical Implications for Environmental Security Around the World

August 2018 Sally Yozell Director, Environmental Security program, Stimson Center China’s Maritime Silk Road: The Geopolitical Implications for Environmental Security Around the World

Matt Chandler

October 2018 Matt Chandler Senior Director Bully Pulpit Interactive "Afghanistan: A Time of Change or a Forever War?”

Speakers - 2017

January 2017 Gordon Bare Retired State Department and Army Officer Key Geopolitical Risks Facing President Trump

David Schwimmer, Goldman Sachs

February 2017 David Schwimmer Global Head of Metals & Mining Investment Banking, Goldman Sachs & Co. Global Commodities

David Firestein

March 2017 David Firestein Senior Vice President, Strategic Trust-Building Initiatives, EastWest Institute The Trump Presidency and Relations with China and Russia

Gary Stern

March 2017 Gary Stern, Former President, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis The U.S. Economy In partnership with Wednesday Lunch Group

Diana Mao

May 2017 Diana Mao Founder, Nomi Network The State of Global Human Trafficking

R Kris Coleman

April 2017 R. Kris Coleman President and CEO Red Five Security Family Security

Richard Holwill

June 2017 Richard Holwill Former U.S. Ambassador to Ecuador Trump's Cuba Policy -- Does It Matter?

Will Sarni

July 2017 Will Sarni Former Partner, Deloitte Consulting Global Water - Scarcity and Solutions

Trevor Houser

July 2017 Trevor House Partner Rhodium Group Can Coal Make a Comeback?

chuck kutscher

September 2017 Chuck Kutscher Director National Renewable Energy Laboratory Renewable Energy Technologies

Cameron Munter

September 2017 Cameron Munter President and CEO EastWest Institute Global Security Trends

Vanda Felbab-Brown

October 2017 Vanda Felbab-Brown Senior Fellow The Brookings Institute Combating Wildlife Trafficking

Alex Muromcew

November 2017 Alex Muromcew Emerging Markets Portfolio Manager China's Economic Role in Asia

Speakers - 2016

Sanjay Putrevu

February 2016 Dr. Sanjay Putrevu Dean, School of Business, University of Wyoming Trends in International Marketing.

Larry Wolfe

May 2016 Larry Wolfe Of Counsel, Holland and Hart The Realities in Implementing the COP 21 Accord

Keith Luse

June 2016 Keith Luse Executive Director, National Committee on North Korea North Korea

Peter Schatzer

July 2016 Ambassador Peter Schatzer Former Chief of Staff, International Organization for Migration Migration and Asylum Seeking in Europe

Frank Archibald

August 2016 Frank Archibald Former Director of the National Clandestine Service, CIA The National Security Challenges that the next President will face on day one

Cameron Munter

August 2016 Cameron Munter President and CEO, EastWest Institute Geo-political challenges and solutions

Christine Vick

September 2016 Christine Vick Senior Advisor, Cohen Group; former Vice President, Kissinger Associates Engaging China


October 2016 Ambassador Gary A. Grappo Former Ambassador to Oman The Middle East and the Next U.S. President

Kitty Pilgrim

November 2016 Kitty Pilgrim CNN Anchor and correspondent The Role of the Media Today in Society


December 2016 John Silvia Managing Director, Chief Economist, Wells Fargo An Assessment of the State of the Global Economy

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