The Global Business Roundtable

Jackson's off-the-record speaker series with leading global thinkers.

Founded in 2008, the Global Business Roundtable (GBR) provides global economic, political, security, and society briefings with GBR members. GBR meetings are off-the-record.  Laurent Roux, Founder and CEO of Gallatin Wealth Management, serves as GBR Chair.  


The GBR is a membership organization.  If you are based in the Jackson area and interested in joining, please contact Nathan Wendt: nathan.wendt at


Speakers - 2020

B. Philip Winder

January 2020

"A Lion in the Path"

Bill Parker

President and CEO, EastWest Institute

January 2020

"U.S. National Security in a Complex World"

David Siminoff

February 2020

"How Silicon Valley Works"

Richard Holwill

Former U.S. Ambassador to Ecuador

April 2020

"Reforming the WTO"

Alex Friedman

April 2020

"What COVID-19 is Doing to the Economy and Markets, and Where We Go From Here"

Larry Hatheway

April 2020

"What COVID-19 is Doing to the Economy and Markets, and Where We Go From Here"

Ian McCallum

April 2020

"A Psychology of Hope - the Power of Pulling Together"

Will Sarni

Founder, Water Foundry

May 2020

"The Future of Water: Creating Resiliency and Abundance"

Paul Sullivan

May 2020

"The Pandemic, Energy Markets, and Economic and Human Security"

Erika Karp

Founder and CEO, Cornerstone Capital Group

June 2020

"Investing in the Future of Work"

Gary Grappo

Former U.S. Ambassador to Oman

June 2020

"Exit or Immersion: A Discussion of the Future of America's Presence in the Persian Gulf Amidst Feuding Regional Powers"

Nick Redman

Editor in Chief & Director of Analysis, Oxford Analytica

June 2020

"COVID-19 & The Implications on US-China Relations"

Mark Elovitz

Director, Centre For Strategic Geopolitics

July 2020

"Israel's West Bank Annexation Conundrum"

Trevor Houser

Partner, Rhodium Group

September 2020

"The Impact of COVID-19 on U.S. Energy Markets”

Gregory Gause

Department Head, International Affairs, Texas A&M University

October 2020

"Saudi Arabia and Mohammad bin Salman:  How Much Change?”

David Dodson

Managing Partner: Futaleufu Partners, and Faculty: Stanford University Graduate School of Business

November 2020