JHCGA's 2016 delegation to Shanxi to build a climate change action agenda for carbon-intensive economies

September 2016, Shanxi, China


JHCGA September 2016 Shanxi Delegation: 

As part of JHCGA’s broader agenda – to foster collaboration in climate change action between carbon-intensive economies, particularly Wyoming, USA and Shanxi, China, JHCGA traveled to Taiyuan, Shanxi from September 3 – 11, as guests of the Shanxi Provincial Development Reform Commission PDRC to participate in the China International Energy Industry Expo, and to build the Wyoming-Shanxi 2016-2017 agenda for collaboration.  Beyond the Expo, JHCGA’s goal was to set the 2016-2017 agenda for continued collaboration between Wyoming and Shanxi, focused on the themes of energy efficiency, wind power, natural resources conservation, and carbon capture innovation. 

Phil Cameron, Executive Director of Energy Conservation Works, presented the ECW approach at a session on “Low-Carbon Cities,” addressing an audience of several hundred conference participants at which he was one of four international (3 U.S.) and six domestic speakers, including senior climate officials in Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Jincheng. 


The visit resulted in several MOUs including:.

  • MOU signed in wind power equipment manufacture. In response to Wyoming’s stated goal of attracting wind manufacturing jobs to Wyoming, JHCGA met with Taiyuan Heavy Machinery Industry Group (TZ), a major machinery and equipment manufacturer in Shanxi.  TZ expressed interest in manufacturing or assembly parts for wind towers in Wyoming.  JHCGA is helping TZ assess the Wyoming market opportunity.

  • MOU signed to explore JHCGA office in Taiyuan’s Innovation City.  In 2015, JHCGA was invited by Governor Li, formerly Governor of Shanxi Province, now Chinese Minister of Transportation, to set up an office in Taiyuan’s new Innovation City.  During visit, JHCGA met with Ministry of Science and Technology, who confirmed the invitation.  The office would provide a platform to explore Chinese FDI in Wyoming, and to scale climate friendly initiatives in China.


  • MOU signed to deepen Wutai Shan partnership.   JHCGA met with the leadership of Wutai Shan, a UNESCO World Heritage site and China’s most significant destination for Buddhist pilgrims.  A resulting MOU focuses on how China and U.S. national parks can collaborate more closely to attract tourists, sustainably engage tourists, and implement best practices in park management.

  • Jackson-Xinzhou Municipal Sustainable Energy Partnership.   JHCGA met with municipal leadership to explore initial interests in energy savings and shared letters of interest from Town of Jackson and Teton County.  Under discussion is to replicate the successful Energy Conservation Works program.

  • Tian Xizhao, Special Representative, JHCGA

  • Olivia Meigs, Director of Communications, JHCGA

  • Nathan Wendt, Vice President, JHCGA

  • Bill Youngs, Professor of History, Eastern Washington University

作为JHCGA更广泛议程的一部分 - 以促进碳密集型的经济体,尤其是美国怀俄明州和山西,中国的气候变化行动的合作,JHCGA前往山西太原,从9月3日至11日,作为陕西省发展改革委客人PDRC参加中国国际能源产业博览会,并建立了怀俄明州,山西2016-2017年议程的合作。除了世博会,JHCGA的目标是设置二〇一六年至2017年议程,怀俄明州和山西之间的继续合作,专注于能源效率,风电,自然资源保护,以及碳捕获创新的主题。


菲尔·卡梅伦,节能工程的执行董事,介绍了ECW的做法在会议上的“低碳城市”,解决在其中,他的四个国际(3 US)和六个国内音箱1几百与会者的观众,包括上海,深圳,金城高级官员的气候。此次访问在一些谅解备忘录,包括:。


谅解备忘录风电设备制造签署。为了应对怀俄明州的声明吸引风机制造就业机会的怀俄明目标,JHCGA会见了太原重型机械工业集团(TZ),在山西的主要机械和设备制造商。 TZ表示在制造或装配零件在怀俄明州风塔的兴趣。 JHCGA帮助TZ评估怀俄明州的市场机会。





谅解备忘录签署深化五台山的合作伙伴关系。 JHCGA会见了五台山,联合国教科文组织世界遗产和中国的佛教朝圣者最显著目的地的领导。所得到的谅解备忘录的重点是中国和美国的国家公园如何更紧密地合作,以吸引游客,可持续搞的游客,并实施园区管理的最佳实践。


杰克逊 - 忻州市可持续能源伙伴关系。 JHCGA会见了市委领导,探讨节能初始利益和杰克逊和提顿县的镇利益共享的字母。正在讨论的是复制成功的节能工程项目。