U.S.-China Clean Energy Initiative III

October 2004, Jackson, Wyoming


 "I first learned of the idea of carbon capture and storage ten years ago when I attended the 2004 meeting of the U.S. China Clean Energy Initiative, organized by the Jackson Hole Center for Global Affairs in Jackson. Five years later we established a Climate Change Division in Shanxi Province and now I am head of that division." 

      -Wu Dongsheng, Chief, Climate change Division, Shanxi Provincial Development and Reform Commission


            "The U.S. and China need to engage in productive competition that is in the interest of the planet."

                                    -Shi Dinghuan, Counsellor, State Council, People's Republic of China 


In October 2004, JHCGA played a convening role in bringing government representatives from the People's Government of Shanxi Province, to Jackson Hole. The forum primarily covered areas of international cooperation, policy frameworks, lessons learned, and China's need/opportunity to attend to the recycling of waste energy from coal production in the areas:

  • Waste Coal Use

  • Coalmine methane recovery and utilization

  • More efficient use of coal byproducts


Executive Summary and outcomes are outlined in the final report.