U.S.-China Clean Energy Initiative II

June 2004, Taiyuan, Shanxi Province


Ten residents of Wyoming were part of a delegation of 18 U.S. and Chinese public and private sector leaders which visited China’s Shanxi province June 21-25, 2004 to discuss issues of clean energy of common concern. The delegation was organized by the Jackson Hole Center for Global Affairs and hosted by the Shanxi provincial government. Sen. Grant C. Larson, Majority Floor Leader of the Wyoming State Senate, served as leader of the delegation. Other members included five representatives of the academic and research communities, three representatives of the business community, a representative of organized labor, a reporter, and one other representative of the Wyoming state government in addition to Sen. Larson. The delegation also included three officials of the central Chinese government, representing organizations with responsibility for coal mining and safety. 


Shanxi, like Wyoming in the U.S., is the largest coal-producing province in China. 


The meetings resulted in an MOU for further cooperation and a final report.