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Hosting the leadership of the People's Municipal Government of Jincheng, PRC

October 2009, Jackson, Wyoming


The mayor of Jincheng, a city of over 2 million people in Shanxi Province, gave a speech at Snow King. He talked about his city's efforts to recover and utilize coal bed methane.

Mayor Wang presented a Chinese scroll to Teton County Commissioner Hank Phibbs and Jackson Mayor Mark Barron.

Mayor Wang (center) and his delegation joined Ron Collings, Ruby Canyon Engineering, David Wendt, Ben Iosefa of Methanex, and Olivia Meigs at Jenny Lake

The delegation toured Yellowstone National Park and saw geysers and wildlife.

Mayor Wang and his delegation elated after seeing Old Faithful erupt

Eight months after the successful meeting of the Sino-U.S. New Energy Conference on Coalmine Methane Recovery and Utilization held in Jincheng China, JHCGA invited Mayor Wang Maoshe, of Jincheng, China (pop. 2.2 million) to visit Jackson. In cooperation with the Jackson Hole Sustainability Project, JHCGA hosted the mayor of one of China's most environmentally progressive mayors.   Mayor Wang gave an address at Snow King.  As part of continued efforts to bring Wyoming and China closer together to work towards practical energy solutions, the visit provided insights on how cities can utilize waste products from coal to conserve energy and reduce carbon emissions.


Press coverage of the visit.


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