JHCGA at the International Low-Carbon Development Summit

September 2015, Shanxi, China


The  four representatives attending the Summit included David Wendt, JHCGA President; Olivia Meigs, JHCGA Director  of Communications; Ben Yamagata, Executive Director, Coal Utilization Research Center; and Leigh Paterson, reporter, Inside Energy.  Dr. Wendt was among national and international presenters at the day-long conference.  His speech was entitled, “Wyoming and Shanxi: A Clean Energy Partnership.” The purpose of the visit was to understand Shanxi’s efforts to reduce carbon emissions from coal consumption and to explore opportunities for cooperation between Wyoming and Shanxi as the two largest coal-producing states/provinces in their respective countries.  


During the week, members to the delegation also met with numerous provincial government agencies and conducted discussions and site visits at several large energy producing facilities and enterprises.  In the course of these visits, they learned how Shanxi is organizing its transition to a low-carbon development economy, as seen through large-scale projects in combined heat and power, coalmine methane utilization, and coal conversion.  They also explored several project opportunities involving cooperation between Shanxi and Wyoming to capture and develop new uses for carbon dioxide. 




At the invitation of Governor Li Xiaopeng, a JHCGA delegation attended the International Low-Carbon Development Summit, which was held in Shanxi in September 2015. During the visit, the JHCGA delegation toured the Lu’an Coal to Liquids demonstration plant (video below), in Changzhi, Shanxi province, generates power as well as converts coal from the coal gasification process, thereby reducing total carbon dioxide emissions from the amount of coal consumed.  It also captures the remaining carbon dioxide.  This technology is an example of the massive level of investment China is putting into coal technologies.  

 在省长李小鹏的邀请, JHCGA代表团出席了国际低碳发展高峰会,这是在山西9月举行。 2015年的访问期间, JHCGA代表团参观了潞安煤制油示范工厂(视频图)在长治,山西,产生功率,以及从煤气化过程将煤,从而减少二氧化碳排放总量从煤的消耗量。它还捕捉其余的二氧化碳。这种技术的投资,中国正在成为煤技术的大规模水平的一个例子。

 在山西省省长李小鹏的邀请, JHCGA派四名代表国际低碳发展高峰会,这是在山西举行的2015年九月的四个代表包括大卫·温特, JHCGA总裁;奥利维亚·梅格斯,通信JHCGA主任;本山形,执行董事,煤炭利用研究中心;和Leigh帕特森,记者,内部能量。温特医生是其中在为期一天的会议的国家和国际的主持人。他的演讲题目是, “怀俄明州和山西:清洁能源伙伴关系”这次访问的目的是了解山西的努力,以减少碳排放的煤炭消费和作为两个最大的产煤探索怀俄明州与山西合作机会国/在各自国家的省份。