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Jackson Hole Investor Group

The Vision

Following the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, there is a unique opportunity to act on climate, create new jobs, and generate investment returns, all at the same time, by investing in clean energy projects in Wyoming.  Wyoming is a leading energy producing state, with abundant natural resources, skilled energy workers, and existing infrastructure.  Analysis shows that Wyoming is primed to receive the largest per capita investment through the IRA.  The missing piece may be the ability to mobilize private capital.  


To fill this gap, JHCGA has been working alongside Wyoming partners to link Jackson Hole investors to Wyoming clean energy opportunities.  Our vision was profiled in the New York Times and Jackson Hole News and Guide.


In 2023, with the support of the Economic Development Administration's Build to Scale program, JHCGA stood up the Jackson Hole Investor Group.

Investing in Wyoming's Clean Energy Future

Jackson Hole Investment Group (JHIG) connects Jackson Hole private investors to the Wyoming clean energy investment opportunity.  The JHIG aims to be a key partner that unlocks matching private capital, helping to land clean energy projects, jobs, and economic diversification in the state.  Participants in the group are accredited climate/clean energy investors with ties to Jackson, though those attributes are not a criteria. 

The JHIG has three primary pillars:

1. Capital - to connect Jackson Hole private capital to Wyoming clean energy projects

2. Opportunities - amplify Wyoming as a destination for clean energy projects

3. Communities - strengthen processes that ensure clean energy projects benefit energy communities, tribal communities, and/or women

Whenever possible, the JHIG works with partners including the Wyoming Business Council, Wyoming Energy Authority, Governor’s office and more.  Through these working partnerships and Jackson capital networks, the JHIG helps locate, vet, and present clean energy investment opportunities to Jackson Hole investors that could succeed in Wyoming.  When possible, the JHIG seeks to partner with the Governor’s Energy Matching Fund.   

In year one, the JHIG is growing connectivity and processes that bring together key stakeholders in investing, policy and business.  Working with partners, the JHIG will host pitch sessions for clean energy entrepreneurs and founders building in Wyoming. The JHIG will conduct Wyoming field visits to assess projects.  Over time, the JHIG’s experiences will inform the creation of a Wyoming clean energy investment roadmap to assist energy transition policymaking.

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