Jackson Hole and the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics

March 2018, Yanqing, China


"It was very eye opening and a great opportunity to see the China Winter Olympics start gearing up.  We identified some great opportunities to collaborate with Yanqing on shared goals in the build-up to that event. I’m looking forward to seeing what JHCGA and others can put together in the follow up, particularly related to winter sports exchanges and concepts that can improve sustainability. Working with China to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is a goal that can help all people.” - Jackson Mayor Pete Muldoon

The group taking in the sites in the build up to the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics

Getting ready to ski at the Shijinglong Ski Resort, Yanqing.

The chairlift ride up to the top of Shijinglong Ski Resort

The group gets ready to hit the mountain

Getting to know Yanqing District's Deputy Mayor, Wu Shijiang

Enjoying the exceptional hospitality of the Yanqing Foreign Affairs Office.

Lunch meetings to discuss Winter Olympics planning with the Deputy Secretary, Yanqing

Enjoying the Yanqing Ice Festival spectacle - celebrated each year as part of the Chinese Lantern Festival

Touring Yanqing's Wild Duck Lake Natural Reserve.

Olympic planning on display at the Yanqing Planning and Exhibit Hall

The Yanqing Planning and Exhibit Hall's Winter Olympic displays

Exchanging gifts and plans for collaboration with Yanqing District Secretary Li Zhijun

Touring Jackson Hole, China

Downtown Jackson Hole, China

The famous Jackson Hole arches - the take from Jackson Hole, China

Two Mayors, Two Jackson Holes

In parallel to the Jackson Hole Winter Olympics visit, the National Museum of Wildlife Art participated in plans to helpin the exhibit and the future development of a wildlife-art focused museum in China.

Jackson Hole Delegation: 


With the conclusion of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, attention now turns to Beijing, location of the 2022 Winter Olympics.  Yanqing, a mountainous area outside of Beijing, will host the alpine skiing events and in the Fall of 2017, representatives from the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries approached Jackson Hole through the Jackson Hole Center for Global Affairs to explore partnership opportunities in the build-up to Beijing 2022.   China has never hosted a Winter Olympics before and the ski industry is in its infancy and there is strong interest in Jackson Hole ski expertise and building a ski culture in China.


In response, JHCGA organized a Jackson Hole fact-finding delegation. Led by Pete Muldoon, Jackson mayor, the delegation was in Yanqing and Beijing from February 27 – March 2nd. 


During the weeklong trip, the delegation discussed opportunities around the Beijing Olympics and agreed to continue a cooperative dialogue, particularly related to winter sports exchanges and sustainability.  As an initial step, JHCGA and partners will:


  • Explore the potential to send ski instructors, ski facilities operators, and young people to Yanqing, and creating ski training opportunities for Yanqing’s young skiers in Jackson Hole.

  • Work with partners such as NREL to explore developing an energy efficient - carbon free, “demonstration village”. 


Other opportunities identified included the need for a broader U.S.-China dialogue about best practices in conservation, specifically related to visiting and developing National Parks, and sustainable destination management planning , a space where JHCGA has developed local planning alongside the Riverwind Foundation.




作为回应,杰克逊霍尔全球事务中心(JHCGA) - 一个在美中倡议背景下的两党智库 - 组织了杰克逊霍尔事实调查团。由杰克逊市市长皮特马尔登率领,代表团于2月27日至3月2日在延庆和北京。 在为期一周的访问中,代表团讨论了围绕北京奥运会的机遇,并同意继续开展合作性对话,特别是与冬季体育交流和可持续性相关的对话。作为第一步,JHCGA和合作伙伴将: