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Planning for a Jackson Hole

Sustainable Destination Management Plan

In 2017, JHCGA and the Riverwind Foundation partnered up in an effort to create Jackson Hole's first sustainable destination management plan.  A sustainable destination management plan can help Teton County toward a more sustainable approach for attracting and managing our visitors and help to realize our vision to be a world-leading sustainable community and destination.


The process to create the plan began with a community conversation, which engaged over 20 local and regional destination stakeholders and community leaders in one­‐on­‐one consultations, yielding the below project report. This approach resulted in the identification and prioritization of and recommendations for:


1. A vision for the future of tourism in Jackson Hole and the Greater Yellowstone region

2. Natural resource, traffic and driving, socio­‐economic, and visitor experience impacts

3. Issues and challenges with managing visitors

4. Opportunities and solutions


Add your voice to the themes identified via the community conversation via the survey below and help us work towards the creation of a sustainable destination management plan.


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