coal Communities Roundtable

Declining coal = declining economies for global coal production regions.  Created by the Jackson Hole Center for Global Affairs, the Coal Communities Roundtable is an ecosystem that brings coal communities from the world's largest coal producers together and shares and co-creates perspectives and new ideas from the bottom up.

With a primary focus on Wyoming, the group also brings in stakeholders from coal communities across the USA, China, India, Germany, Canada, Australia, Poland, Indonesia, South Africa, and beyond - the major coal producing nations of the world.  The roundtable brings these communities together to share and build confidence together towards implementing the best practices that create new policy solutions; hasten new investments; bring new talent and create brighter future for global coal regions.  

Participants in the group are stakeholders from organizations and communities on the front lines in the challenges facing coal communities.   Participation in the group does not equate to any organizational or governmental endorsement of the roundtable's discussions, activities or recommendations.  In this forum, participants do not officially speak for their community or organization unless explicitly stated ahead of time.   


Participation helps coal communities in shaping the policymaking of their community, learn from each other, and move forward stronger together. 


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