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Coal Regions
and the Energy Transition
Track 2 Dialogues



To facilitate new policy ideas and outcomes that act on climate and help coal-producing regions thrive through the energy transformation. 


To create a durable bridge/network between U.S.-China coal regions that strengthens joint climate action

Beginning in 2021, supported by the Energy Foundation China and with the China Coal Society, JHCGA began the U.S.-China Coal Regions and Energy Transition Track 2 dialogues.

These Track 2 (unofficial) dialogues, bring together leaders and stakeholders on the ground in largest coal-producing regions of the U.S. and China to share new ideas and best practices in energy and just transition policymaking between the globe's two largest economies, energy consumers, producers of coal, and joint contributors of 40% of the globe's CO2.  For the globe to respond to climate change, both nation's must lead.  


Dialogue #1:

  • U.S. – China Coal Economy Overview: Understanding the Key Challenges.  

Dialogue #2: 

  • U.S. – China Coal Communities and Economic Diversification Strategies

Dialogue #3:

  • The Role of Business in the Energy Transition

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