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Robert Youngberg

Robert Youngberg is President of Sustainable Development / International in Denver, Colorado consulting on national and international renewable energy and environmental development projects for a variety of clients.  Additionally, Robert serves on the Board of Directors of the International Solar Energy Society (ISES) to represent the United States for 2022-2023.  In this capacity, Robert attended and spoke at the COP 27 in Sharm-El-Sheikh, Egypt.

Robert  has a lifetime of experience and expertise in supporting development efforts locally and internationally in the areas of Social, Energy and Environmental Sustainability.  Robert has extensive experience in professional consulting in the renewable energy, environmental and information technology industries serving national and international clients for over 30 years.

Robert founded and served for 8 years as Director of the Renewable Energy Research and Policy Office at the University of Nebraska.  He held 
executive and management positions include HWS Environmental Engineering, Oracle Consulting, Sun Microsystems Professional Services, Cendant Corporation, and Information Handling Services (IHS) / Cambridge Energy Research Associates – (CERA), and sustainability consulting for the University of Denver Research Institute.


Additional leadership in renewable energy has included:
• International Program Committee of the World Renewable Energy Forum (WREF 2012),
• Chair of the Colorado Organizing Committee for the World Renewable Energy Forum (WREF 2012). 
   Note - WREF 2012 will be held in Denver on May 13-19, 2012 at the Colorado Convention Center. This is a combined conference of the World Renewable Energy Congress/Network, the International Solar Energy Society, the American Solar Energy Society, the Colorado Renewable Energy Society, National Renewable Energy Laboratory and others. 
• Advisory Board for HealthKind Foundation - Implementing sustainable, community-based health and wellness programs and services in the developing world - focused on Sudan,
• Founder of Colorado Alliance for Renewable Energy - C A R E for the development of Feed-in Tariff in Colorado, providing numerous presentations, panels, meetings, and forums on FiT,
• International Steering Committee for the Alliance for Renewable Energy,
• Founding member of Solar Thermal Alliance of Colorado

Robert was born and raised in Nebraska, has an amazing son and daughter-in-law, and holds a Bachelor of Science in Architecture and graduate work in Architecture and Decision Sciences at the University of Nebraska. Robert served 28 years as a Cryptology Officer in the U.S. Naval Reserves, has been an avid snowboarder for over 25 years, lived in Spain for two years and is an avid world adventure traveler.

Adventure trips include climbing Mt Kilimanjaro with his son for the 2000 Millennium, a wooden dug-out canoe trip up the Orinoco River to Angel Falls in the Venezuelan rain forest, and he recently discovered an abandoned 800 year-old Khmer temple in the jungles of Cambodia.  Robert regrets turning down an offer to to winter over in Antarctica and climb Krakatau volcano but he's not done yet.

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