Founded in 2002, the Jackson Hole Center for Global Affairs (JHCGA) is a leading bipartisan think and do tank in the Rocky Mountain region.  We leverage the beauty of Jackson Hole's "Power of Place" to achieve results. Jackson Hole's natural beauty can inspire global constituencies to find shared solutions to global problems. 


JHCGA mobilizes ideas and action outside of government to impact the policy process.  When government to government dialogues stall, JHCGA can play a role in driving towards results.  

JHCGA views climate change as the global crisis of our time.  From our founding in 2002, we have had a niche focus on scaling climate solutions from within global coal regions. Our organizational theory of change is that the global tipping point in climate action is through climate solutions from within global coal regions.  In 2003, JHCGA launched our ongoing flagship project; the U.S. China Clean Energy Initiative to hasten climate solutions collaboration between Wyoming and Shanxi, China, the two largest coal-producing regions from the globe’s two largest economies and carbon emitting nations: the USA and China.  Wyoming and Shanxi combined produce roughly 15% of total global coal production, the most carbon-intensive fossil fuel.