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Founded in 2002, the Jackson Hole Center for Global Affairs (JHCGA) is a leading nonpartisan NGO based in Jackson, Wyoming.  We bring leaders and communities together in Jackson Hole to drive breakthroughs to global challenges.  

JHCGA views climate change as the global crisis of our time.  From the beginning we have had a niche focus on scaling climate solutions from within the globe's largest producers of coal, the most carbon intensive fossil fuel. Wyoming, our home state, is the U.S.'s largest producer of coal, by far.  We believe that the tipping point in achieving global climate action is through the positive win-win, job creating, clean energy scaling, climate solutions transformation of coal regions.


In 2003, JHCGA launched our ongoing flagship project; the U.S. China Clean Energy Initiative to hasten climate solutions collaboration between Wyoming and Shanxi, China, the two largest coal-producing regions from the globe’s two largest economies and carbon emitting nations: the USA and China.  

Our Jackson Hole Global Forum is a growing ecosystem where leaders in business, government, investment markets, civil society and more come together to share approaches in climate action. 

Since 2008, our Global Business Roundtable, has been a leading local speaker series that brings community members together with dynamic global thinkers. 

We are focused on creating new breakthroughs, specifically in climate action.  We create coalitions to promote the economic vision of wind power in Wyoming, link venture capital to clean energy projects to launch them in coal-producing regions, create roundtables for new ideas for coal communities and more.

We welcome opportunities for collaboration.

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