Transformation STrategies

Declining coal = declining economies for global coal production regions.  Created by the Jackson Hole Center for Global Affairs, Transformation Strategies (working title) will be a unique ecosystem that creates new pathways to prosperity and outsized climate action by directly connecting coal regions to new policymaking tools, investment capital, and human capital.  Fostering new connections and action across these three themes will hasten the processes that share best practices and build new confidence in policymaking; hasten new investments and also the commercialization of climate related and clean energy technologies; and help in bringing new talent to these regions to build for the future.  Meant to be a holistic process that drills into the specific needs these regions face, the sum of the parts will help transform these regions economically and reframe what global climate action can look like and where it can come from.  The forum will be headquartered in Wyoming, the U.S.’s largest producer of coal.

The forum will aim to engage 100 – 150 policymakers, leaders, and citizens from the globe's leading coal-producing countries and the coal communities from those nations.  Membership will come from the private sector, labor union representatives, the investment community, NGOs, research and academia, and the philanthropic sector.  To date, Transformation Strategies has recruited interest and the beginning of involvement from the below regions.