Board of Directors

Olivia Perry Meigs

Director of Communications and Public Relations

Richard D. Morgenstern

Senior Fellow, Resources For the Future


Mark Newcomb

Teton County Commissioner

Laurent Roux

Founder, Gallatin Wealth Management

James M. Speyer

President, Speyer Associates

David A. Wendt


Robert J. Youngberg

Founder, Sustainable Development/International


Staff &


Dave Dodson

Distinguished Fellow - Coal and Communities

Pooja Goradia

Strategic Fellow

Hon. Richard Holwill

Distinguished Fellow - Trade and Economics


Olivia Perry Meigs

Director of Communications

David A. Wendt


Nathan Wendt

Vice President



Stephen R. Duerr
Attorney at Law


Mohammad Farhandi
Former Acting Energy Sector Director, World Bank


Ronald Surdam

Former Director, Carbon Management Institute, University of Wyoming


Larry Wolfe

Former Of Counsel, Holland and Hart




Tian Xizhao
Special Representative, China




William J. Best
Former Vice President, A.T. Kearney


James M. Brasher
Senior Partner, Development Vision

Jessica Sell Chambers

Loyd Drain
Energy Consulting


David Firestein

President, George H.W. Bush Foundation for U.S.-China Relations


Rob Godby

Director Center for Energy and Economics, University of Wyoming

Louise Haberfeld

Lukas Haynes

Executive Director, David Rockefeller Fund


Hon. Richard Holwill

Former U.S. Ambassador to Ecuador


Lt. General Arlen Jameson (Ret.)

U.S. Air Force


Jiang Lin, Ph.D.

Nat Simons Presidential Chair in China Energy Policy

Staff Scientist, China Energy Group

Lawrence Berkeley National Lab


Tom Lubnau

Lubnau Law Office, P.C.; former Speaker, Wyoming House of Representatives


General Montgomery Meigs (Ret.)
U.S. Army

Alex Muromcew

Emerging Markets Investor


Gilman Ordway

Owner, Fish Creek Ranch, Wilson, Wyoming

Milbry Polk

Co-Founder, WINGS WorldQuest


Jonathan Schechter
Executive Director, Charture Institute


David Siminoff

Michael Tennican
Board, St John's Medical Center


Hon. John F. Turner
Former Assistant Secretary of State for Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs


Hon. Mark Udall
Former U.S. Senator (D-CO)


Jay Varley

JH Development


Christine Vick

Former Senior Advisor, the Cohen Group


John Willott
Former Vice President of Production Geoscience, 
Exxon Mobil

Philip Winder

CEO of Polygon Investment Management

James Wong

Former Corporate Director, Global Due Diligence, Honeywell International, Inc