Next Generation Policy Initiative

Next Generation Next Generation Next Generation Next Generation Next Generation

Promoting job prospects and involvement in the global economy, JHCGAs Next Generation Policy Initiative (NGPI) brings together future leaders with current and former leaders and policymakers to share views on issues of common concern. JHCGA seeks through this initiative to prepare aspiring leaders for involvement in the public policy process.

The NGPI involves working with next generation members on an individual basis, enlisting their interests and energy to develop research papers and project proposals which reflect their own ideas. If an aspiring policy professional has an idea about a way to address an issue he or she cares about, there may be an opportunity for them to develop this idea into a project they can manage at JHCGA.

The best way to explore this opportunity is to contact JHCGA President David Wendt at If there is a good fit and the idea seems to fit within JHCGAs overall scope of work, Dr. Wendt can help shape the idea into a project proposal and identify sources of possible funding for the proposal.

As a tax-exempt 501 (c) 3 organization, JHCGA can submit the proposal to a charitable foundation or other charitable funding source. If the proposal is funded, it can be managed as a project under Dr. Wendts supervision and JHCGAs auspices.

JHCGA offers its experience and contacts to help shape these ideas into funding proposals, capable of generating projects which can be managed under JHCGAs supervision.

For those willing to put in the time and effort, this can be a rewarding experience, offering an opportunity to gain employment by raising funds, managing a project, and finding a "voice that matters."

Future dimensions of the project will involve establishing networks with universities to identify recent graduates with an interest in working with JHCGA to put their ideas into practice.

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