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Opinion pieces written by JHCGA President David Wendt appear frequently in the Casper Star Tribune, Wyoming's largest newspaper, and other newspapers in the state. These articles, which follow, represent the views of Dr. Wendt and not necessarily those of JHCGA:

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  • Clean Coal: U.S.-China Cooperation in Energy Security

    Clean Coal: U.S.-China Cooperation in Energy Security

    May 2008
    The United States and China are in dire need of secure energy solutions that can keep pace with their huge appetites for energy. Enter coal. Both countries possess abundant coal reserves measured in the hundreds of billions of tons. But the approach to coal policy has been one favoring cheap extraction rather than taking into serious consideration the societal costs of coal. For the United States, coal represents a major source of electrical power - and a major source of pollution. In China, the accessibility of coal has swept aside the environmental and health arguments against its widespread use.

    These issues have triggered much controversy within policy circles and among the broader public in both China and the United States. As this paper points out, they have now also begun to enter into the policy dialogue between U.S. and Chinese policy experts concerned with promoting U.S.-China cooperation on these subjects. But the heavy lifting of real technology transfer has yet to begin. This work includes policy coordination, research partnerships, and joint project development. How does coal fit into the strategies of the United States and China to attain energy security while avoiding adverse environmental impacts? What comparative advantages do both countries have and how should these comparative advantages guide their future investments in climate mitigation strategies and clean coal technologies? Most importantly, what is the role of bilateral cooperation in assuring a peaceful and sustainable outcome to this process?

    The author of this paper, David Wendt, is well-positioned to address these questions. Wendt co-founded the Jackson Hole Center for Global Affairs in 2002 and has been its president since that time. For over three decades he has been a leader in promoting efforts to build awareness and consensus on global policy issues. The Jackson Hole Center has organized a clean coal partnership between Wyoming and Shanxi province, the two largest coal-producers in their respective countries.

Project Reports

  • Carbon, Climate and Cooperation

    As part of its coalmine methane project in China, JHCGA invited the chief energy correspondent of theCasper Star-Tribune, Dustin Bleizeffer, to participate in the 2009 Sino-U.S. New Energy Sci-Tech Forum and Conference on Coalmine Recovery and Utilization, held in February 2009 in Jincheng, China. The Star-Tribune is Wyoming's largest newspaper.

    Upon Mr. Bleizeffer's return from Jincheng, the Star-Tribune featured Mr. Bleizeffer's articles in three consecutive days of front page coverage. The Star-Tribune also published a full-page editorial, endorsing Wyoming-China cooperation on cleaner coal and JHCGA's leadership in promoting such cooperation. Links to the articles and editorial (last link) follow.

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  • U.S.-China Clean Coal Forum, September 2006

    Film introducing participants to the U.S.-China Clean Coal Forum in Taiyuan, September 2006

  • West African Women's Leadership Forum, May 2006

    May 2006 West African Women's Leadership Forum (pdf, 3.55 megabytes)

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  • 2008A Tribute to the Central Asia Institute, used as opener for April 2008 presentation in Jackson Hole by author and humanitarian Greg Mortenson (5 min.)

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  • 2006The CO2 Dilemma

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  • 2004 -- Shanxi, Wyoming and the Clean Coal Connection (34 min.)